30 minutes 1 on 1



A single 30 minute one-on-one private training session. Our trainers understand that time is important to you. Our half hour sessions are about getting you the best dynamic workout in a short amount of time. If you have a preference to work Muay Thai, Boxing or Strength and Conditioning. Let your trainer know and we will sort that for you.

60 minutes 1 on 1



60 minute one-on-one private training session. This session gives enough time to really develop your skill level and fitness. Suitable for clients who are serious about learning the art of Muay Thai or would like to learn advanced combinations. This session is an interactive session from start to finish. Your trainer works with you pushing you to be the fittest version of yourself! 

1 hour group session

$100 for 2 people


60 minute private training session for a small group. Train Muay Thai/ Boxing drills in a group and finish with a great Strength & Conditioning workout to leave you all feeling like you accomplished something great!