Its my first class what do I need?

  • First, let us know of any medical concerns before coming in.

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class is due to start.

  • Bring boxing gloves and hand wraps if you have them. (We supply gloves if you need them)

  • Bring running shoes, drink bottle and a sweat towel.

Do I need to be fit?

Although our workouts are high intensity each individual is encouraged to work at a pace that is manageable and comfortable for their current level of fitness.

'One step at a time, One punch at a time , One round at a time'

Is it ok to start if I have never boxed before?

First time boxing? No problem. Let your trainer know it is your first time and they will give you extra attention during the class. As you attend more classes your techniques will improve. If you would like the best start possible book in a private training session. We will teach you all the fundamentals you will need to know to ace our classes.

Do you have showers on site?

Yes we do. There is one shower in each of the male and female changing rooms.